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 I often admire the perfection of Nature, the images that surround us everywhere: an elaborate curve left on the sand by a sea wave for a few seconds, the tree branches hugging each other with cautious curiosity, the shape of a rock, the morning breeze leaving its inscriptions on the surface of the water… These images speak of the perfect harmony, rhythm, individuality and complete uniqueness. I also believe that these are the messages from Nature to us, created to teach us to be strong, live in the moment and appreciate the boundless beauty of our world.

When I look at a stone, I see eternity. When I look at an exquisite flower, I think of fragility and the fleeting nature of beauty. These moments allow me to appreciate the universe and the life on our wonderful planet even more. I stop and contemplate how secondary everything created by us humans is; we only interpret and reshape what has already been created by Nature before us.

My work is borne by these moments of humble appreciation of the beauty of Nature. I constantly learn the language of rhythm, the words inscribed by the shadows of light, the sounds of color and the harmony of movement. Without the need to give the objects their names, we all try to find our own interpretations, our expression of gratitude and the voice which can be heard through art.


 Over the past 22 years I worked for Israeli and Japan. I worked in the field of TV advertising as a 3D VFX Artist and took part of the VFX team for some Japanese movies. I undertook the majority of projects in the capacity of Concept Designer,Modeler, VFX Artist, RealFlow setup. I was also a part of the animation team, however. I concentrated essentially on the technical side of this process.

For a Clients

If your goals are within my competence, I would make every effort to succeed.

I would be happy to help you in the following fields:

●  3D Visual Effects
●  3D Modeling
●  Technical Animation and Set up
●  Illustration
●  Graphic Design
●  Clothing Design
●  Photography


●  22+ years experience of CG, 3D, Design and VFX.
●  3D VFX for cinematic sequences.
●  Particles, Rigid Bodies Dynamics, Cloth, Fluid.
●  Big expirience in Real Flow.
●  Designing, modeling characters.
●  VEX Programming ( Basic level )





07.12.2013 Lehrter Siebzehn Gallery, Berlin


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