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Creating an elegant form, following your instincts with minimal limitations… these are the main principles of my thinking. I believe that an artist does not simply create new forms based purely on his knowledge of the world. New forms are extracted from chaos, or the images of nature, that penetrate an artist's perceptive mind, whereas the knowledge of certain rules of creating a form acts as a filter thus forcing order on to chaos.



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There used to be a time of no photography. In order to present any visual information a human needed certain skills to document reality. The highest level of representation was exact copying of reality. Maximum similarity was seen as a maximum of truth.I believe, people defined true masters by their ability to make exact copies.

But this levelled down the personality of the artist to a minimum, using the artist as a copying machine. Thus, a human artist began experimenting, sieving reality through the various filters of a human brain and soul.

Styles flourished. After the revolutionary invention of a camera, the need for exact copying finally became obscure. Camera's abilities surpassed human.

 From then onward, the experiments with the transformation of visual representation became more and more daring. Yet, till a certain point in time, the feedback between reality and mind still mattered. However, 10 humans can look at the same object and each see a different one. Each one of us has a unique apparatus of perception.

My question is, what if we cut off the feedback, what if the artist stopped looking out onto this world, and put out what originated purely in the mind, with as minimum connection to reality as possible.

 What if the frame of reality was thrown away and the mind, finally liberated from the outside, would speak openly and directly, with no mediums. The truth is, the only thing we can really show, is the sacred content of our inside. There can be no lies within.

 Without any distraction from the outside world, ONCE cut-off, when we close our eyes, our reactions turn from mere reflections of reality to the very source that creates it.

At this moment sometimes something that has never existed before may be born. Something other than reflection, something from outside of this world, something from within.

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