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1990-1993  Moscow, Russia
1993-2005  Tel Aviv, Israel
2005-2009  Tokyo, Japan
2010-2013  Tel Aviv, Israel
2013-2014  Berlin, Germany

    As a child I loved to consider different structures, and I believe therein lies... my passion for geometry and technical drawing.  Meeting a small group of very talented and creative people helped me to determine my future direction.

My university years were very beneficial in terms of defining my main interests: Art, Sculpture, and Design consumed me completely. At some stage, computer graphics significantly enhanced my design capabilities although, in my opinion, there is a certain degree of conflict present between classical and digital art. I must admit that my continuous desire to perfect the images often takes me into a jungle of details, and only the time limit brings me back into reality.

Over the past 17 years I worked in the field of TV advertising as a 3D VFX Artist.

I enjoy sports, karate, running and kettlebells  in particular, and other activities, which make me feel free, happy, and confident.

For a Clients

If your goals are within my competence, I would make every effort to succeed.

I would be happy to help you in the following fields:

•Hand made, digital and 3D illustration.
•Design, creation of the original characters: mechanical as well as organic.
•Design of Trademarks and Logos.
•T-Shirts design.
•Abstract and Fantasy original compositions and structures.
•Posters design
•Wall Painting, Buildings wall painting
•Fine art works, drawings and oil paintings.

If, unfortunately, my expertise is not sufficient enough to carry out your project, please contact me anyway since a creative team of my colleagues would be able to offer fully comprehensive solutions to your tasks.



07.12.2013 Lehrter Siebzehn Gallery, Berlin


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